Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Debut:              The Muppet Show season 1
Performer:       Richard Hunt (1976-1990)
                        Greg Berg        (Muppet Babies, voice only)
                        Adam Hunt      (Muppets in Space, voice only)
                        Matt Vogel       (Muppet Race Mania, voice only)
                        Brian Henson   (It's a very Mery Muppet Christmas Movie, Muppets Party Cruise)
                        Rickey Boyd    (The Muppets' Wizard of Oz)
                        David Rudman  (2008-present)

Making his debut in the first produced (not the first aired) episode of the Muppet Show, Scooter is the gofer of the Muppet Theatre. "Gofer" is an old theatrical term and basically refers to an errand boy. This in mind, it's not surprising that Scooter was involved in a lot of backstage segments during the Muppet Show's run. Besides helping out the other Muppets backstage, Scooter was also featured in numerous sketches and and performed songs like the Muppets version of Simon Smith and his Amazing Dancing Bear in the first season.

Scooter has also been a regular in the Muppet movies starting with the Muppet Movie where he
played the part of road manager of the Electric Mayhem. His roles in the Muppet movies usually pretty small but he got a bigger part and a sister in the spin-off Muppet Babies.
Muppet Babies was a animated spin-off based on a segment from the Muppets take Manhattan in which Piggy envisioned her, Kermit and the other Muppets as babies. Perhaps because of the lack of female 'main' Muppets Skeeter, Scooter's twin sister was created for this series.. After Babies, Skeeter was sporadically featured in Muppet books but did not appear in significant productions like movies or Muppets Tonight. She only just recently reappeared in the Muppet Show Comic Book.

After the death of Richard Hunt Scooter was put on a hiatus, with only the occasional cameo in Muppets specials and movies. Different Muppeteers voiced the gofer in these cameos, ranging from Richard's brother Adam Hunt to Brian Henson.

The universally panned Muppets' Wizard of Oz featured Scooter in a small role, the first time since Richard's death, playing the part of the assistent to the Wizard, puppteered and voiced by Rickey Boyd.

Scooter would get a new primary performer starting with theStudio DC: Almost Live special as David Rudman would take on the gofer role. An old friend of Richard, as well as a great Muppeteer in his own right, Richard had already taken over some of Richard's Sesame Street roles after his passing like Sully and one part of the Two Headed Monster. This new performer also allowed for Scooter to play his part in the new movie, The Muppets where he's back in his old role as stage manager.

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