Thursday, December 20, 2012

Muppets on WWE: Tribute to the troops

Wrestling company WWE have posted the Muppets segment from their recent Tribute to the Troops special on Youtube. In this segment Kermit is interviewed by wrestler the Miz who wants to know what the status of  Kermit's and Piggy's relationship is.

Prior to the MizTV segment, WWE reporter Josh Matthews interviewed Fozzie on how Kermit was feeling, about to appear on MizTV, followed by a pretty witty comment by Waldorf and Statler.

Later on in the night, wrestler Daniel Bryan, who got the nickname Goat Face due to his beard, got into a discussion with Animal.

While the combination of Muppets and wrestling may seem odd, the Muppets and WWE have teamed up in the past. The Muppets hosted the Halloween RAW episode in which Beaker even interefered in a match, causing wrestler Santino to win. They also appeared in a video message at last years's TTTT.

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