Thursday, October 18, 2012

Big Bird a Halloween smash hit

Big Bird, who suddenly got thrown into the presential election craze by candidate Mitt Romney has experienced a boost in popularity which now translates itself to a peak in Halloween costumes purchases.
According to a spokesman of the outfit wasn't too popular in the past but sold out this year in no time, which surprised the company.

Big Bird made headlines around the world when Republican canditate Romney announced he would cut the funds of PBS, who broadcasts Sesame Street. He did say however that he likes Sesame Street and that he 'loves Big Bird'. Democratic canditate and current president Barack Obama countered this in a satirical commercial in which he described Big Bird as an "evil genious" and "a menace to the economy" and depicted Mitt Romney as being more concerned with cracking down on Big Bird/PBS than on other, more serious problems.

The Sesame Workshop later responded by saying that they didn't like how Big Bird got thrown into the political mix since it's a nonpartisan organisation that doesn't endorse candidates or participate in political campaigns.

                                                       Obama's Big Bird ad

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