Thursday, April 26, 2012

5 Great Sesame Street Parodies

While Sesame Street has the focus on the younger viewers, the producers of the show always seem to sneak in a few segments with a wink to the older viewers in order to make them enjoy the show with their children. Some of the most memorable 'adult' segments are parodies of popular movies, music of tv shows. While the young ones won't always 'get' the joke it sure makes for some entertaining television. While there are a lot of parodies to choose from, here are five that still stand the test of time.

Cookie Monster as Isaac Hayes, "Shaft"
While a lot of younger readers will remember Isaac Hayes as the love driven Chef from South Park, older readers will remember him for his Soul career. One of his best known hits is the tune to the Shaft series. knowing this, Sesame Street dressed Cookie up as Isaac, complete with gold chains and beard and let him perform his version, called "Cookie". Can you dig it?

The Beetles as The Beatles performing "Letter B"
The Beatles were and still are one tof the most influential rock groups of all time. Sesame Street and The Muppets have done a lot of parodies of the Fab four, ranging from album covers like Sesame Road (Abbey Road) to performing Beatles songs on both shows. Sesame Street had a number of songs however in which not only the songs but also the members of the band were parodies. Insect pop group the Beetles (without the a) performed several parodies but the best one had to B "Letter B", a parody of "Let it Be". Paul McCartney, the Beatle who had written Let it Be later wrote a letter to Christopher Cerf, writer of "Letter B" saying he liked the parody.

The most interesting aspect of hit show "24" was that it took place in real time which is a big contrast to other series. Every minute of the in-show time lasted a minute in real life. A great concept which also made for a great Sesame spoof also called "24". Lasting 24 seconds, it is the Counts favorite show as he happens to count every second.

Grover performing as "Spider-Monster"
The Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn of the dark has had it's fair share of parodies but even so it was surprising to see Sesame Street take a jab at it. Since the musical is known for accidents happening to the actors who better than Grover to play the part of "Spider-Monster" while Mr Johnson watches the play? It gets even better when the original composer of the musical, Bono gets spoofed by the appearance of Bono monster. I haven't seen Turn of the Dark yet but I would gladly pay to see Spider-Monster the Musical.

Donald Grump in "The Grouch Apprentice"
With the Apprentice being a hit on TV and Donald Trump's haircut being so outspoken it was only a matter of time before it was parodied on Sesame Street. In September 2005 a very special guest appeared on the world's most famous street; Donald Grump, the grouch who has the most trash in the world. Visiting Sesame Street looking for a apprentice to sort his trash. Ultimately, both Oscar and Grundgetta got to be his apprentices. However, they soon learn they have to help Donald and ultimately firing him, ending the parody.

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